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Optimise your WooCommerce checkout process with real-time verification, single line lookup of address & businesses, validate email & phone numbers in checkout. Download for free.

Turns your checkout into a performance checkout by saving the customer time in checkout, reduces failed deliveries, reduces failed contacts and builds trust. Powered by the most curated address and location data in the world.

Loqate is the most advanced software for capturing, verifying and enriching address data globally - delivering the unrivalled precision businesses need.

Tested versions:

We believe the plugin will work with most versions of Woocommerce. We have tested these versions for current and backwards compatibility.

WooCommerce 8.2.1

WooCommerce 7.8.0

WooCommerce 3.4.5

Address Lookup & Validation

  • Remove 6 address fields into one seamless address lookup serive using authoritative global address data. Reduces keystrokes by 78%, reducing overall time to write an address from 24 seconds to 6 seconds error free.

  • Prebuilt integration with Loqate AU & NZ https://www.loqate.com/anz/address-validation/

Email Validation

  • Ensure you collect the right contact information before its too late, increase email delivery rates, improve your sender reputation and advance customer communications.

  • Prebuilt integration with Loqate AU & NZ https://www.loqate.com/anz/email-validation/

Phone Validation

Business Lookup & Validation

  • Know your business. Fast reliable Business/Company Lookup for Australia and New Zealand using name, business or company numbers.

  • Know that business is active and registered for Tax.

  • Prebuilt integration with Loqate AU & NZ https://www.loqate.com/anz/business-validation/


  1. Have Woocommerce platform installed.

  2. Have a active Loqate Harmony API Account. You can sign-up for free trial here.

  3. Download Plugin from Harmony Console.

    1. We've pre-configured to be optimised out of the box. You can configure the API to your use case. See Woocommerce settings guide.

pageWoocommerce Install Guide v2.0.0

Get the Plugin

After registering from account (free trial here) you can download the Plugin from Harmony Console.

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