PDP Configuration Setup

This page outlines the details on setting up AupostValidation PDP using Harmony Management Console.

Note: Refer to the Harmony Reference Guide – Management Console for instructions on using the Console and understanding its components.

Setup AupostValidation PDP

Once logged into the Harmony Management Console, there are two steps:

  • Select the locale as Australia.

  • Add the AupostValidation PDP.

1. Step:1 Set Up the Australia Locale

From the Configure drop-down menu, select Cleanse Engine.

The Cleanse Engine core configurations panel displays. From the field Default Locale, select AUSTRALIA and hit save configuration button.

2.Step:2 Add the AupostValidation PDP

From the Configure drop-down menu, select Components.

The Components Configuration panel displays the default component groups. Either select the existing DEMO Address Group for adding the AupostValidation PDP or create a new component group.

Select the existing DEMO AU Address Group and add the PDP as shown below and hit save group button.

Alternatively, users have the option to create a new component group along with a new Client Role for the ADDRESS_DATA model and incorporate the PDP into the newly established component group.

Detailed instructions on creating a new client role and component group are available in the Harmony Management Console Reference Guide, found on pages 82 to 84.

Here is a reference to the new component group added for ADDRESS_DATA

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