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How to sign up to Loqate Harmony API service.

Before you begin you will need a Loqate Harmony Account.

Free Trial

You can register a free trial to get started. Moving onto a paid plan is the only way to use our products.

Once your account is created your can access your API keys through the Harmony Console.

See this guide to Get your API Keys and get started

pageGetting your API keys

From small plans to enterprise solutions, we have packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

These plans comprise a Transaction limit of which you use over time (usually 12 months). If you exceed your limit your usage will revert to our standard rate and your service will continue.

Before you exceed limits we will notify you, its best to contact to us to arrange a new plan before reverting to standard rates.


You can login or reset password from login

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it from the login page

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