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Harmony Suite

Harmony Suite is Private Cloud or On-prem data quality solution that is highly configurable to your business needs.
If you are interested in Harmony Suite please arrange a demo.



  • Interfaces - How Harmony suite can be used.
  • Pluggable Data Processors (PDP's) - pluggable post processing modules that can be chained within a data model to achieve a specific data cleansing exercise.
  • Parser - pre-processor, retry and AI learning
  • Rapid Address - Typeahead and Validation
  • Match - Identity Matching Engine
  • Batch Processor - Batch process via API or User
  • Tools - Licence, KB Tool, and Source of Truth (SOT) builders


  • Web Services (REST/SOAP)
  • Web Admin for Users
  • Batch System


Data is licensable and can be added to the system.
  • GNAF
  • NZAD
  • CNAR

High Level System Architecture

Deployment requirements

  • JDK 1.8 +
  • Web Application servers
    • Tomcat,
    • IBM WAS
  • Harmony batch system (HBS)
  • Harmony Admin (harmony_admin.war)
  • Harmony Web Services (HarmonyWS.war)
  • Harmony Rapid Address (HRAWeb.war)

Pluggable Data Processing

Harmony PDPs (or components) are pluggable post processing modules that can be chained within a data model to achieve a specific data cleansing exercise.

Address PDP's

  • AMASAddressStandardization
  • AUBarcodeAllocationAusPost
  • GNAFAddressStandardization
  • GNAFValidation(GNAF)
  • Supplementary(Supplementary Table)
  • NZADValidation(NZAD)
  • CNARGeocode(CNAR)
  • MatchScoring

Name PDP's

  • GenderAllocation
  • PersonalNameStandardization
  • AliasAllocation

Business PDP's

  • BusinessValidation
  • CompanyNameStandardization

Phone PDP's

  • PhoneValidation


Parser converts a string into components using IRIS Parser, KB Parser, Parsing Pre-processor and the AI Parser.
Parsing is configurable and extendable in Harmony Suite.
Good Parsing is critical to data quality.

Rapid Address

Harmony Rapid Address (HRA)is part of Harmony Series of customer data quality products. Providing address lookup web services to rapidly accesses and validates a customer’s address against a certified source of truth
  • Lucene based search
  • Support both RESTFUL and SOAP
  • Support multiple source of truth (SOT)
  • HRAWeb.war hosted by customers

Rapid Address API services

GetSimilarAddresses (single line) - typeahead for full or partial address suggestions
GetSimilarLocalities – get all matched localities with the given postcode, locality/suburb, state/towncity
GetLocalitySynonyms – get all synonym localities or alternate suburbs
GetSimilarBorderingLocalities – get all bordering localities or alternate towncities
ReverseGeocode – get all matched addresses with the given latitude and longitude within the radius
GetSubdwellingAddresses – get all subdwelling addresses under the given address ID


Matching is the process of comparing two records to determine the extent to which they represent the same entity.
The degree of matching could be qualified in a number of different measures, either indicating the entities are the same or an indication of the relationship between the two entities.
The degree of complexity of customer data because of multiple data models (fields), different sources and formats.
Harmony offers a wide array of Matching configurations and tolerance levels to understand the quality of a match for specific use cases.
Basic Match classes

Batch Processing

Batch processing for high volumes can be completed on all PDP's, Matching and Parsing modules.
This can be executed by Users via the Admin Panels or CLI.