Create Address in console

Console creating address in address exchange

This is a two step process of ensuring the address is not already in the exchange and then creating an address if it doesn't exist.

Before any address is created its important to check that the address does not already exist.

It is possible that an address exists but has not been 'accepted'. This could be due to many reasons and we recommend reviewing the previous actions and events to assist you in decision to use an address.

1. Click 'Add new address'

2. Check for the address

Important feature of Address Exchange contribution to a single address record. This helps grow the overall confidence of an address.

Type in the full address and review potential candidates.

3. Enter new address

Entering the full address in the top line then press proceed when you cannot find a matching address. This opens the form to allow you to enter in the address information.

You can then move the map to the right co-ordinates to update the Latitude or Longitude.

4. Submit for Review

Simply, submit the address for review. Now the address will be searchable and others can contribution events and knowledge to the confidence of the address

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