Email Validation v1.1

Performs a full mailbox validation on the supplied email address.

Version 1.1

Takes one or more email addresses as an input and performs validation, returning a list of the results. The maximum number of input email addresses is 100 per call.

Resource URL



The request body is an EmailRestRequest object:

        "payload": [ 
            { "address": "" }, 
            { "address": "" } 
        "sourceOfTruth": "VE_ALL",
        "featureOptions: { "timeout": "1500" }


The response body is an EmailRestResponse object. Sample responses below:

    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "messages": [],
    "payload": [
            "address": "",
            "attributes": {
                "domain_exists": "VALID",
                "mailserver_exists": "VALID",
                "email_valid": "VALID",
                "message": "Email address does not exist on mail server.",
                "email_exists": "INVALID",
                "do_not_mail": "FALSE", 
                "disposable": "FALSE", 
                "rolebased": "FALSE", 
                "catchall": "FALSE", 
                "spamtrap": "FALSE", 
                "abuse": "FALSE", 
                "free_email": "TRUE", 
                "accountname": "jim", 
                "domain": "", 
                "domain_age_days": "1052", 
                "suggested_email": "", 
                "deliverable": "VALID", 
                "hashsha256": "4c93fb55adc0297ee4086a8d047ff7ca694784c690703eab0f215685db180f37",
                "hashmd5": "3e9385d795906ee1a3e04aa93bfa3a41",
                "hashsha1": "7a90bf8dcac4717728d4f36e291ff17255dadeb2"
            "domainValidated": true,
            "mailServerValidated": true,
            "mailBoxValidated": false,
            "blackListValidated": true,
            "formatValidated": true
            "address": "",
            "attributes": {
                "hashsha1": "b89406e03dd7cf89e55c1353f9fd3f5e940abbf4",
                "hashmd5": "04097aeaaafe1b91144a006ea0dc2921",
                "hashsha256": "ffc36bbab1970bfa0aeef8fdb989f396dea4d0ad2f7df3d6dd2349430c71a944",
                "domain_exists": "UNKNOWN",
                "mailserver_exists": "UNKNOWN",
                "email_valid": "UNKNOWN",
                "message": "Timeout Exceeded",
                "email_exists": "UNKNOWN"
            "formatValidated": true,
            "blackListValidated": true,
            "domainValidated": false,
            "mailServerValidated": false,
            "mailBoxValidated": false

Response Elements

The response attributes are listed below. These are listed in the order expected when validating email addresses.

Response timings

We make live calls to domains located all around the world that have variable protocols and capacities. The vast majority of calls, in particular to major ISP's operate within the desire response times. A small amount a domains will result in network, server latency and security protocols variables like mail transfer agents that can impact the overall latency of the service.

This is an industry wide issue when sending requests to domains around the world. Our expected ranges of performance results are:

  • 96%-98% of all domains sit between 1 to 5 seconds.

  • All the major ISP's are 1 to 3 secs.

  • 2%-4% will take longer than 5 seconds.

This can causing impacts in your customer experience. If this is an issue for your implementation we recommend implementing a timeout function when calling our Email Validation API and handling as an 'unknown' response to the end user.

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