Salesforce CRM

Loqate helps eliminate friction and ensures only complete and accurate address data comes from your Salesforce forms.

A great CRM starts with great data. Loqate helps ensure accurate and complete address entry as you type in real-time on Salesforce CRM.

Our plugin standardizes all global addresses & AU Businesses upon entry in the CRM, even if you make a typo.


  1. Have Salesforce CRM platform installed.

  2. Have a active Loqate Harmony API Account. You can sign-up for free trial here. You will need to contact Sales to enable Salesforce CRM feature.

  3. Get from Salesforce AppExchange

  4. Download Salesforce Installation Guide


Harmony API verifies addresses using simple yet powerful real-time validation. Verification is based on Australia Post (AMAS) data and Australian Business Register.

HRA rapidly validates addresses directly in, including visualforce pages, in the familiar Salesforce look and feel.

Key features:

  • For Australia and New Zealand Salesforce Users

  • Predictive search-as-you-type

  • Australia Post (AMAS) certified

  • Works with Visualforce pages

  • Email & Phone verification

  • ABN and Australian company name lookup

  • Fast Data Entry

  • Batch Matching and Validation functionality

  • Standardise naming of Australian company names (No more CBA, Comm Bank etc)

  • DPID, ASGS and SEIFA attributes provided

  • Bank graded security for data transmission

  • Fully cloud-based & scalable

  • Can be used from mobile devices

  • Super simple setup

  • Lightning Ready

GBG Loqate Harmony API is one of Australia’s leaders in data validation and address matching. Harmony API has the ability to validate your current database and auto-complete addresses. A direct integration with Salesforce makes Harmony API a must-have application for businesses who deal with large databases.

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