Email Serviced Batch

Bulk validate email address and gain insights into customers.

Data quality is the foundation of any customer management strategy. Analytics, campaign management, customer experience, and reporting are all underpinned by data quality and can have a significant impact on your business efficiency and sender reputation.

We can help you build lasting customer relationships with our data cleansing and maintenance software.

Typical use cases:

  • Marketing: Validate email prior to campaigns communications to protect your sender reputation score, reducing the chances of bounced emails and improving the overall quality of your contact list.

  • Data migrations: Data migrations to ensure data migrated into new systems is accurate and easily mapped.

  • Customer management: Customer management ensure you maintain accurate contact information, identify who needs to update information and reduces the changes of bounced emails.

  • Regulatory Compliance: helps you comply with regulations with accurate contact information and ensure notices reach their destination.

Overall, email validation ensures that your email campaigns are more effective, reach the intended recipients, and comply with regulations. It helps you maintain a healthy sender reputation and improves the quality of your email marketing efforts.

Contact our Support team to arrange a Serviced Batch.

What is data I get?

The data you receive back allows you to validate Mailbox, MailServer and Domains and has Mailbox insights that helps you protect your sender reputation and reduce bounce emails.

See Data received from this service for full list (at bottom of page)

Do I get an Analysis report?

Yes, Please see example analysis report.

How does Email Batch work?

Email batch validates in real time email address data.

Simply, send us a flat file (CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX) via SFTP of email address data and we will send you back validated emails along with mailbox insights.

We validate using our software in similar methods to our Email Validation API but designed for files upto 1 million records.

Looking for the API service? see Email Validation in Loqate Harmony API specification

What countries can does EmailBatch cover?

Global coverage for Email Addresses personal or business email addresses.

How is data transferred?

A secure SFTP connection is supplied OR customer supplied SFTP.

How long does it take?

You will usually have the completed file(s) back within 0-2 days.

Do I supply data a specific way?

We can work to your needs. Our preferred schema is:

  • UID - Unique ID.

  • Email Address.

How to get Started?

Contact our Support team or your Account Manager to arrange a Serviced Batch.

How long goes Loqate retain data?

Data is deleted within 30 of the job being delivered. Customer can request deletion to occur once delivery has occured.

Data received from this service

The information is returned in a flat file as agreed.

Element NameDescriptionExample


Unique ID supplied by you from input information



the email address that is being validated from input information


if the mailbox is valid and deliverable if true



Determines if the mailserver is valid or not.



Determines if the domain is valid or not.



Determines if the user has blocked this email address.

You can block email addresses via Harmony Console



Determines if the syntax of the email address is valid



Recommended you check before sending. Often these are blocked or cause you reputation damage on email sending platforms.



Known Temporary email address that is used to hide the real email address of the user. These usual last 15 min to 6 months.



Role based email (eg sales@, marketing@) and not a individuals email address



Catch all based email (eg donotreply@ client@) and not a individuals email address



Known spamtrap address



These emails are of people who are known to click the abuse links in emails



If the email comes from a free provider



The portion of the email address before the "@" symbol.



The portion of the email address after the "@" symbol.


Suggestive Fix for an email typo

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