Business Validation

Enhance the quality of your business data through comprehensive validation, minimizing errors and ensuring reliable information.

To complete business validation, PDP's (pluggable post processing modules) can be chained within company data model to achieve a specific data cleansing exercise. PDPs are available for both AUSTRALIA and NEW_ZEALAND.

PDP for AUSTRALIA : AuBusinessValidation

PDP for NEW_ZEALAND: NzBusinessValidation


A comprehensive guide that signifies the essential requirements that needs to be met to access Business Validation.


Configurations for Business Validation:

This section provides insights into configuring the Business Validation PDP setup using Harmony Management Console. It also offers guidance on customizing the business configuration file to fine tune the validation process to suit specific customer requirements.

Introduction to PDPs

PDPs are designed to work on a specific data model to collaboratively refine data, you can dynamically plug or unplug PDPs into the application according to the requirements of the application.

PDPs are specific to their functions and are executed according to the sequence as specified in the PDP chain for a give “Client Role”.

User can choose to add the PDP to the existing client role to perform business validation. This can be done via Harmony Management console.

Comprehensive guide that details the configuration of PDPs is shown at Business Validation PDP Setup

Business Validation Configuration File Setup

A configuration file has been implemented for Business Validation, allowing customers to customize or adjust the business validation according to their specific needs.

Comprehensive guide that details the configurational file is shown at Business Validation Configuration File Setup

Using Business Validation

After completing the necessary Prerequisites and configurations for business validation, the system is prepared for business validation runs through both Harmony Batch and Harmony WS.

The business validation process can now be initiated, allowing users to run validations tailored for specific regions.

It is advisable to review the Guides section, which provides explanations on business validation enriched information and offers tips for analyzing or resolving parse ambiguities. Prioritizing this section before examining the detailed sample illustrations in the following pages is recommended.

Refer Business Validation using Harmony Batch System for an illustration of sample batch run.

Refer Business Validation using Harmony WS for an illustration of sample webservice calls.

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