Before you begin you will need a Loqate Harmony Account. You can register a free trial to get started.

How to use our demo's

Each of demo you will need to include you Authentication to use.

We use Codepen so you can see how we have implemented our API's and supporting libraries.

To get the best experience - open the demo in Codepen by clicking 'Edit on Codepen' in the top right. Once in Codepen select the boxes and Full Page View


First enter you credentials and press start. This is the same for all demo's


Each demo you can set of Options relating to service. These Options optimise the look, feel and performance of our API's. We set the default to what works for most of the time.

Changing Options enables you to tune the API performance for your use case.

Demo section

Each demo varies to display the performance of our API's. However, commonly we have input fields usually appearing first with instructions then the full response from our API service based on your filters.

Input fields

These provide you with the customer experience of using Loqate in a field. Commonly things that would take you several fields are solved in just a few keystrokes.


The full response from our API. Often from the few keystrokes put into the input field our full response is full of data structured and ready for use.

Mock User Interface

Some demo's underneath the API response package have an example of how End Users (your customers) might see and use our products.

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