Shopify Plus JS

Speed up your Shopify Plus checkout with real-time address verification.

Our Shopify Plus extension ticks all the boxes, standardizing AU, NZ and international addresses in real-time even if your customer makes a typo​.


In June 2023, Shopify removed the capability for new shopify plus customers to use this method the shopify plus platform.

  1. We are building new plugin to work with Shopify Plus new framework (checkout extensions).

  2. Asking Shopify for exemption for new customers. It helps if Shopify customers request this.

  3. Please contact us - Its a dynamic situation and we are working to resolve and may have solution.


  1. Have Shopify Plus platform installed.

  2. Have a active Loqate Harmony API Account. You can sign-up for free trial here.

  3. Download Plugin from Harmony Console.

Get the Plugin

After registering from account (free trial here) you can download the Plugin from Harmony Console.

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